Our History

Our Electronic Sample Bag® program pioneered the development of visual sales-force automation technologies. ESB® allowed sales representives to perform more efficiently in the digital age by streamlining the order-taking process and giving them immediate access to high-resolution photography and detailed descriptions for all of their product. Using this success as a framework we developed a network of systems that work together to make every aspect of business more successful.

For over 20 years Visionware Systems' full suite of software tools have been rigorously put to the test by several divisions of the world's second largest optical frame and sunglass company. Now we are extending the availability of our products, by offering customizable subscription plans that match your specific needs.

Client Testimonials

ESB® has changed the way we make sales. Our sales representatives are able to show off our product in ways that they never have before. It's revolutionizing the way we run our business and our numbers have never been higher.

D.F. (Regional Sales Manager)

With Visionware's reporting system we finally have a good understanding of how well we are performing across the country. Any figures that I can dream of are available instantly and are presented in a way that makes sense. It was a real game changer for us.

A.L. (Senior Product Manager)